Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Buddy's wedding

Finally this guy here take on another role on this society. Someone's husband, a family man. Hosted his wedding dinner at MBS and was a fruitful event for me as I felt that it was a honor to be able to be present and hosted his wedding off. Congratulation to both of your Cedric and Clare. So happy for the both of you.

It's been many long years. Not going to reveal our years but yeah it's a long way back.

The older version of us. Hah don't think we aged too much from then haha and that's a good thing. Let's just stay like this then. 

Pretty Cheryl, Cedric's younger sister. I kinda of watched her grow up in the process and inturn felt that she is my younger sister. But Cheryl and Janice and Joel also address me as Yulong Kor. Hehe.

His granny stressing me up when she said "I m waiting for yours." 
Guess how old she is...

Dawne my Taiwanese co-host. This girl is a fantastic Chinese host. The last time I checked, single but not available. So anyone interested, find your own means.

Cheeky Cedric as always

Xiao Zhu, this good friend of our flew back all the way from hongkong to attend the wedding. She is our college good friend, cum massager and buddy. A female guy to us haha

 We never get to go to her wedding because it was in Prague! Where I wanna go, really for my marriage too.

So long never see her already, we just have to take a few more selfie haha.

Mark, our good friend from college also.
Eva ( Xiao Zhu), Mark ( Xiao Xing, cos he really laugh like the Comic character), Cedric ( Xiao Deng) and me ( Xiao ???)
Yes the Xiao family will be completed if Xiao Xing's wife ( Xiao Bai ) was here. Unfortunately they have like two cute daughters that she have to take care of. 

Finally, I will wish them happiness of a lifetime and maybe I will be the god father soon! Ho ho

Love and Bread, which will you choose?
Love from heaven, and bread? From oven! haHahahaHaHaha - Court Jester

Friday, September 26, 2014

DeLiVeR mE

I have discussed this with myself. I will come back once every two weeks to do some blogging. Be it my life or some story I have inspiration to write. Yes. Be focus at the very moment when you are doing something. Be very focus, because only that you will achieved what you can never achieved, be someone who you can never be. 
Ever dream of being some specific somebody or try to be a yourself which you want yourself to be?
Yes. I now know how. It's focus but how many people can do that.

How many can tell us that when he is focus on something he let nothing distract him? I do know a few, and they are very successful person. 
I have no idea what I am writing, what I am achieving. I am so distracted. So distracted that I have no focus anymore. Oh Dear Lord, please deliver me.

"Focus! Focus! You fool!" - The self laughing Court jester.

Friday, September 19, 2014

BlAcK hEaRt

Years passes, and finally you realised something you will not have the time to do or rather choose not to do because there are more preferable task at hand. Quite awhile since I last blog. Between here and then, I think I got sensible by this little bit, understanding how nice a person can be, and how ugly a person can be too. 
Through job switch I managed to be able to meet new people everyday. I feel life is beautiful. I really want to make it this way. Yes for god's sake neighbor countries, can you guys just stop burning trees for like another century, will appreciate that. Realised usually when I have complains. It's very much here. 
Okie as I was saying that I really wish to make life beautiful, I know probably I haven't put in effort enough but I really tried. Always have a theory, people who make you unhappy, stay away from them. Never can do that. 
Everyday I see them. Hypocrisy, liars, misers, irresponsible ones, ungrateful ones and even the one that stab you on your back.
There are people who complained to you all day long,
People who thinks that their life sucks to the max,
People who lie to you and not blink, poker face to the max, 
People who stab you in your back and betray you,
People who justify their wrongly actions with relentless does-not-make-sense excuses,
People who thinks that you are stupid and they can manipulate you and
People who lie to themselves.

They are the compilation of my hate list. Hope you are not one of these shameful bastards^^

Know what is call shame my dear stranger, for if you committed a sin and you knows no shame, hell is where you should reside and don't you dare think it later part issue because it will come quick and hard on you.

Stop giving yourself excuses and help make other people's life better and in turn god will make your life better.

"For all the evil he saw, he was the evil himself." - Asyura Eternale.
One of fav comic, Darkness.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


This is one of those damn lame old work that never get to finish it. O well, just thought i'll just post it.  Since i have nothing to say these days haha

 Sometime wish i can just get back to it and be contented with what i can do. But then again, given the time will i do that? lol that i laugh at myself. ha~

 The heart turns cold. The slumber of the midnight blue.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Show Case 05 May 2013

It's been really a long time since I last wrote a blog in English. Time have weaken me too much in my constant illusional creativity. Losing it might not be the worst thing of all, because I found a new place to reside that energy.
Can't say I found it, probably I had it all in me. The passion for dance. I have been a spectator then, have love dance all my life yet not really experience it till near years.
Pick up salsa two years back. Fall in love with dance itself. Have been doing it 24/7 and still doing it now. I really hope this can really go somewhere, bringing me to another part of my life. Time has not slow down on me, and never will slow down for anyone. I want to achieve something before I die. At least something.

Spiral of time,
Tumbling of fun.
We linger ,
We waste time. - Asyura Eternis

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sacrament to Sins

Naive perception often delivers stupidity.
Expectation of others often comes with disappointment.
We all should have know this by now. But many times we refuse to obey such a rule.
Do we ever know how to love and take care of each others?
This, i have in doubts.
Has time and familiarity defy respect and concern?
I think I am such. And I know now.

I see as much, people around us, neglected concern and care as they seek happiness in the dark.
I see as much, people beside us, humiliating love and friendship as they toy emotions and feeling through their golden years.
I am of no different, no matter how hard i try to be.
We, had lost as who we are long long ago.

I see no true happiness. I see laughter broke into tears. I see myself drown and choke within this world of vanity and insanity.
Our ignorance is our sacrament to sin. Lord please forgive us.

Be gone, the root of ultimate temptations.
For the path of future lies my domination.
Lust, Greed and Wrath, sin the dirt crumbles.
Anger, Gluttony and Sloth, conjure the Abyss's rumbles
Thee man write history, shall war born cruelty.
Thus, pride yield victory, shall saints kill morality - Samuel, the fallen.